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Dr Phil Hammond
Phil Hammond is a GP, writer, journalist, broadcaster, campaigner, comedian and lecturer. He is currently a part-time GP in Keynsham and Lecturer in Medical Communication at Bristol Medical School. He Previously lectured at Birmingham Medical School and in 1995 received the Owen Wade Award for Teacher of the Year. As a campaigning journalist, he was first to expose the problems of paediatric heart surgery in Bristol which has now lead to the largest Public Inquiry in British medical history. Phil has evidence to both the phrases of the Inquiry, and has exposed many other examples of patchy quality care as a journalist and as a presenter of BBC2's award winning and highly controversial programme 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor'. The fifth series started in February 2000 and the book of the same name, co-written with Micheal Mosley, is a best seller. Phil is not a "doctor-basher", but a fierce advocate for the freedom of high quality information that allows users of the NHS and private sector to make informed choices about their health. We will challenge the established order, call the government and NHS to account, slaughter a few sacred caws but above all be an advocate for patients. He is married to Jo, also a GP, has 2 children (Will and Ellie) and lives in Somerset.

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Last modified 2nd April 2001